aircraft financing and loan acquisition


  • Completed Application - Signed and dated.
  • Current signed and dated personal financial statement.
  • Verification of Liquid assets (copy of most recent bank statement, broker statements etc.).
  • Last 3 years signed Federal Income Tax Returns including schedules, A through E and K-1s.
  • Current payroll stub if applicable.
  • Aircraft specification sheet.


  • Completed Application - signed and dated.
  • Previous 3 years financial statements. If audited statements, skip item 4.
  • Current interim statements.
  • Previous 3 years Federal tax returns, including schedules and K-l s.
  • Company description, brochure, or website address.
  • Guarantors(s) required - See "Individuals/Co-Owners/ Guarantors" section above.
  • Aircraft specification sheet.


  • Completed Application - Signed and dated.
  • Previous 4 years audited financial statements.
  • Current interim statements.
  • Company description, brochure, or website address.
  • Aircraft Specification Sheet.

Note: The above is only a guideline. Specific situations may require more information. For businesses, a brief informative written history of the business, including details of current operations and future plans, plus qualifications of the owners/management would be helpful.


Arthur Neil & Associates

The following provides an outline of the information required of all applicants and/or guarantors. It is important that the application is completed in detail and that all financial statements and tax returns are signed and dated as well. Please include supporting schedules with personal and business tax returns.

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