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Arthur Neil & Associates LLC is here to assist the qualified buyer in procuring financing for both private and corporate use aircraft. Arthur Neil & Associates LLC can also offer consulting service to banks that would like to finance the purchase of an aircraft for one of their existing customers but is inexperienced in the field of aircraft lending.

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Thank you for visiting Arthur Neil & Associates, your source for financing a loan from the right lender for the right aircraft. I hope this website helped you learn more about me and what I do.

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Time is one of your most valuable commodities and finding the proper solution to your aircraft financing needs can be a time consuming task. Aircraft financing is a highly specialized field within the banking industry. For such a specialized niche of the banking industry, you need a partner. You need someone who understands the banking community. This is why I founded Arthur Neil & Associates LLC. We are a professional provider of aircraft loan sourcing and placement for qualified aircraft buyers.

Contact John A. McCann at your earliest convenience to inquire about our service, or with any questions or comments that you might have. Thank you for dropping by Arthur Neil & Associates LLC. Don't forget, proper planning makes for a safer and more enjoyable flight

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Arthur Neil & Associates LLC was founded by John A. McCann as a means to combine two of his professional and personal loves… business and aviation. John has spent more than 40 years in almost every area of the banking industry, with over 10 years of that time in aircraft financing.